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Transform Your IT Business with TD SYNNEX

As a leader of your organisation, you need to evolve your business model to maintain and grow relationships with existing clients, attract new clients, and increase profitability.

Ensuring that your organisation is ready to deliver next-generation technologies to your customers successfully is no easy task. The requirements vary depending on your clients’ unique needs, vertical focus, and solution or supplier mix.

TD SYNNEX’s industry-recognised Practice Builder methodology removes complexity around business transformation. Practice Builder enables you, the practice leader, with the essential tools, knowledge, and industry relationships, with three simple steps: assess, strategise, and then build.

TD SYNNEX designed Practice Builder to help you stay ahead of the game and capitalise in fast-growing next-generation markets such as cloud, security, mobile, data and IoT. Now, let us share with you how.

How It Works

Our step-by-step process is designed to provide a practice building experience right-sized to your business needs

Step 1


Answer a few questions to help us match you to the best program fit, then we will assist you in the onboarding process

Step 2


Complete a practice specific assessment to generate expert insights and reveal actionable recommendations on how you can grow next

Step 3


Clarify and document a holistic growth strategy for your business with expert guidance from the practice building team along the way

Step 4


Complete enablement sprints, key milestones, and reviews with the practice building team to help you advance your practice in 90 days or less

Experiences We Deliver

We provide practice building experiences matched to your unique stage in the practice development lifecycle


Assess your market opportunity and develop a strong go-to-market strategy and roadmap that delivers results.


Need to accelerate and drive growth in a particular product adoption. Document a strategy for the future of your practice within a 4 week programme, facilitated by our TD SYNNEX subject matter experts.


Leverage support from our Practice Builder consultants and SME team, who will guide you through a transformation journey for your enterprise.

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  1. Solution-Specific – how to build a solution practice strategy. 
  2. Vendor-Specific –  how to onboard or accelerate with a participating vendor. 
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What Our Partners are Saying

Oquila & Bekaert Deslee a Data & IoT testimonial

TD SYNNEX’s partner Oquila, specialize in Data and IoT solutions, they developed a platform that connects their OT and IT technologies for their customer. This Digital Eye solution enables Bekaert Deslee to send data from their OT machines to the cloud where they can review and monitor it in their IT system and even receive alerts. This helps them to achieve operational excellence.

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